The Founder of CASPR, Christophe Suchy, founded CASPR to bring clean air to the masses. And over the years, he found and invented the best technology to clean the air you breathe. But Christophe invented the Uni (the Ductoad Flow) because of another problem. He travelled the world taking clean air devices worldwide and in his travels, he had problems…. breathing. He went to areas with plants, and pollen, and allergens, and pathogens, and all kinds of stuff that made him breathe uneasy.

So, Christophe developed a pendant he could travel with. He could wear it around his neck when he was in airports, he could attach it to the vent of his rental cars, he could wear it in big buildings with lots of people and he could wear it in meetings with other businesspeople…. and breathing became easier.


The Ductoad FLOW offers continuous protection of your breathing zone. CASPR developed a proprietary natural process based on studies of ionic wind. A powerful flow of ions pushes pollen, mold spores and other pathogen carrying airborne particles away from your breathing zone while, at the same time, disinfecting the flow of air you breathe. The innovative FLOW pendant reduces the pollen load and reduces pathogens by 85-95%. This means the Ductoad Flow is at least as effective at reducing pathogens and microbes as a SURGICAL MASK. And you aren’t breathing recycled, dirty air.


(BECAUSE THEY DON’T KILL GERMS and THEY KEEP GERMS FROM BEING EXPELLED FROM YOUR AIRSTREAM)Caspr uses technology developed by NASA to kill harmful microbes in the air and on surfaces. You can wear a mask! But the Ductoad FLOW pendant doesn’t block the bad stuff your body is trying to get rid of. That’s right! Masks can block some bad stuff from getting into your airways. But they can also block the bad stuff your airways work hard to expel. The Ductoad FLOW is at least as good as wearing a mask, and we have the proof. But, when you consider the fact that the flow doesn’t interfere with…breathing, well, we think you’ll agree that this is a great mask replacement.     The Swiss company New Wave Project SA has worked with DEDALO, an important chemical and medical testing laboratory, accredited UNI CEI EN ISO 17025:2018 – ACCREDIA n° 0996, to test and demonstrate the real effectiveness of ReSPR™ technologies PPE SeLF (FLOW) in breaking down pathogens from the breathing zone. With the same aim, the comparative efficacy with other universally widespread PPE was tested: surgical masks and FPP2. The tests were organized in the laboratory. Never has so much attention been paid to finding the safest and most effective ways to protect the breathing area. The tests have previously analyzed the ambient air, to identify the pathogenic bacterial load, and then carried out the tests. The PPEs were tested, according to the UNI EN13098: 2019 procedures, simulating the actual respiratory act, accounting for pathogenic load killed by the 3 PPE, under the same conditions. The tests have clearly shown an almost equal reduced concentration of pathogenic bacterial load “breathed” by the PPE tested. This validates the sanitizing effectiveness of ReSPR ™ technologies PPE SeLF (FLOW), in real conditions. The overall reduction in the pathogenic load varies from -85.5% to -93.2% compared to the pathogenic load present in the ambient air. The figure below shows the tests with official data. Given the successful and significant reduction of the respirable pathogenic bacterial load using the PPE SeLF (FLOW), at least equal to the use of PPE surgical mask and FPP2 type approved by the International Authorities, the report concluded that these results can significantly reduce the risk of breathing pathogenic charges indoors, even in the presence of people: they can represent an advantage for the health and well-being of those who, wearing SeLF (FLOW) PPE, frequent these environments” This test highlights great news for all those looking for an innovative and better PPE product, easier to use, manage, maintain, safe and easy, to protect their breathing area from disease-causing pathogens.

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