Ductoad manufactures flexible duct connectors out of plastic. Our connectors latch together from the plenum to the register and require no MASTIC, TAPE, or SCREWS. And the best thing is that technology, offered by our strategic partners stacks into our SNAPTICS system of connectors!

Ductoad was founded in 2016 when the Oberlander family had a contract to sell their home and the contract was cancelled! The reason the contract was cancelled after the home inspection was the deteriorated condition of the ducting…that had been installed 12 years earlier! How could this be!? Dan Oberlander went into the damp cellar of his old home that had been renovated with relatively new ducting and noticed leaks at every junction joining the flexible ducting to the plenum. Some of the duct liners had fallen from slick sheet metal couplers, and rust…. well most of the sheet metal had rusted, oxidized or otherwise corroded. Oberlander followed one of the flexible ducts to the register in his daughter’s room. No wonder she had no air-conditioning! The flexible duct was loose in the ceiling leaving conditioned air in the chase. There’s got to be a better way.


With a little more investigation, Dan found that installing ducting with sheet metal was crazy. Per the building code, sheet metal couplers had to be painted with mastic at the seams, and at the connections. So, installers had to waste time painting with buckets of mastic that had HAZARDOUS MATERIAL warnings on the labels! The couplers had to be taped, and screwed, and the sheet metal conducted warmth away from the body of the ducting. There’s got to be a better way!  Ductoad has designed a system of flexible duct connectors, for the first time, out of plastic. Every coupler latches together, from the plenum to the register without mastic, tape, or screws. These couplers install in less than 1/10 of the time to install sheet metal couplers and are permanently airtight. They also stack with the technology perfected by our strategic partners…..check out our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) devices.

Ductoad is committed to manufacturing the simplest connectors in the world that require less than half the time to install. Air-tight Every Time!

All of the devices that stack into our system automatically upload to our app and you can use our dashboard to control your ducts from your phone, tablet, or computer.



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of our connectors will be sold (if we play our cards right)


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