There's Got to be a Better Way!

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 Ductoad Snaptics™


No Seams,

No Leaks

 Ductoad connectors are made of a unique molded  plastic blend so there are no seams. No seams means no air leaks, and the proprietary gasket ensures an instant air-tight seal!

No Mold,

No Mildew

It's common for mold and mildew to grow in traditional metal ductwork. Ductoad™ connectors have additives that fight mold and mildew, making the air in your home more breathable!

No Tape,
No Mastic!

 Get away from Mastic!
Switch to Plastic! 
Our patented Snaptics™ connectors install in seconds with no tape, no screws and no mastic!

Ready for the

Internet of Things

 Ductoad is incorporating smart technology, allowing users to quickly drop modules, such as dampers, fans, air cleaners and heating and cooling pods into their system. The devices signals upload automatically, and the system can easily be controlled with a smartphone.